Ore Concentrating

a) Gravitational methods:
i) Sluicing by generating low energy dropout zones using vortices in the water stream. Our 3D sluice mats are of special design that creates vortices in both horisontal and vertical plane. This method captures gold & PGM particles down to 20 micron.
ii) Centrifugal concentration where gravitational forces are amplified along with turbulence to maintain a fluidised bed. Gold & PGM particles down to 5 micron can be captured.

b) Flotation:

Ore is concentrated by utilising the hydro-phobic effect of metal, sulphide and oxide particles. Key to high efficiency flotation is fine grinding and using optimal chemicals. Best frother, collectors and depressants are identified by lab analysis. Flotation is efficient for particle sizes between 2 and 150 micron. Flotation cells can be configured in various arrangements including roughers, cleaner and scavengers.

Ore Concentrating

– Floatation Cells
– Cyanide tanks
– Blast Furnace
– Vibrating table gold concentrator